Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chick Update - 8th Week (Late)

Finally, another update.  This is actually the chick update for week 8.  It was back in September when the chicks I ordered reached eight weeks old.  In this update, I show both the expanded chicken coop and all the chicks in the coop.  The chicks took to the coop very well and very quickly.  They were not sure what to do at night, so I had to teach them to use the latter to get up to the hen house.  My Americana did not seem to happy when I started moving the chicks into the coop.  She was up in the hen house and began clucking in a way that I had not heard previously.  It was obvious she was reacting to the new chicks.  However, there were only a few pecks as the chicks learned very quickly to stay out of her way.